How to Prevent Lost and Found Problems

Keeping your belongings with you all the time can be painful if you have too many things to carry if you are always on move or you are just a person who can distract quickly. In this article, we will provide several tips with the hope of preventing lost and found objects of yours.

Do not stuff your bag or luggage

People who prefer to carry too many objects with them during a journey or vacation, tend to lose valuable items more often. If you are headed somewhere you don’t know, to an overseas vacation, we recommend you to not to bring too many belongings, especially not valuable personal items like jewelry, pricey watch, and electronic devices as much as possible. Losing valuable items like these will hurt you both in monetary values and as well as in emotional values. Also, carrying too much cash with you can be a problem. You can divide the cash to your bag,  your pocket, and your hotel room and use debit or credit cards mostly.

Keep your valuable items around you

Even if you are a fancy place or cozy environment, do not make the wrong decision of leaving your bag, jacket, or wallet alone. Keep them on you or with you, as always. Your passport, cell phone, and information containing documents like an ID card and credit cards should always be with you. You can prepare a small bag or secret pocket for carrying the most critical items to prevent dealing with lost and found.

Start using a lost and found ID tag!

This is an innovative service that will ease your travels, even your daily life if you tend to lose your keys, purse, or little but valuable objects all the time. By providing a unique code to a tag, each prepared for your valuable items, this service creates ID tags that can be attached to your personal items. In this tag,  our website information and call center will be written and some motivating messages for finders to contact us like offering rewards. In this way, your personal information will still be protected but the finder will have a corresponding party to contact when finds your lost and found stuff. 

Why lost and found tags are useful?

Since this a practical and durable option, you can use it for life long without sharing your personal phone number or email address. And by offering a reward to the finder, you will increase the chance of recovery of your lost and found item. The tags have eye-catchy designs and wording and can be used for life-long. The tag code is your confidential identity in our database. With this code, we can reach your contact details. 

With this simple and innovative solution, you will save time and increase the chance of return of lost and found items. These tags can be attached to your laptop, bag, keys, and even your pets’ leash. And thanks to our customer service that works for your service 24/7, we try our best to deliver your valuable lost item to you safely. 

In the world, everyday people are losing or misplacing their stuff and waste time lost and found in airports, bus or train stations, or expect to get good news from the lost and found offices in places they visited. We recommend you include this lost and found service for your next journey before it is too late. ID tag cards for personal items will increase the ratio of your lost and found objects’ recovery. Why not are you trying?


A night at the Lost and Found office

Nothing worse than a flight delay to ruin your holiday. Nobody really likes spending more time than necessary stuck at the airport when they are finally about to begin their deserved vacation; even worse when the delay occurs on the way back home, knowing you will soon be working again. 

It appears that there is something more annoying than just the delay – when it comes to flying issues. Once, I was travelling home from Dubai, and we had a flight connection in Paris. Unfortunately, the first plane took off almost an hour late, which meant we had then to rush on the second plane and, well, our luggage was not fast enough, it could not keep up the pace and, therefore, it remained there. We did not learn about this until we landed in Milan, and only after we had spent half an hour in front of the luggage belt just to see anybody else collect their belongings while we stood there empty handed. 

I then learnt about the existence of the Lost and Found office. I cannot say it was a pleasant meeting, as the assistant could not help us much. It took him three hours to locate our suitcases and then told us they would arrive the next morning. He offered to have them delivered for us at home, but I honestly did not trust this to happen any time soon, so I decided to spend a “Lost and Found night”, sleeping on the floor in front of their door.